Inactive Kids

Does your child spend much of his day sitting? Thanks to schools eliminating P.E. and this new world of electronics we all live in, many kids are more proportionately overweight than any time in history. Add to that the processed and boxed diet of ready to go foods loaded with Sugar, Salt and Chemicals and kids don't have a chance.

Remember the "Good Ol Days" when we played outside. Whether it be a game of baseball, or doing something as simple as walking and exploring, our time was spent off the couch and doing some form of activity.

A commercial running on television is declaring sitting, the new smoking. This means sitting is as bad for you as smoking. It's true! Sitting compresses all parts of your body, it give your cardiac system no exercise and it help arteries clog. Kids are more affected by this, because their systems are still growing and developing.

If you have an inactive child, we can help you develop a plan to improve that child's diet, activities and their potential to live a lot longer!