Many of you have heard about Alzheimers and think it is the only form of dementia. Unfortunately, this is not true. Dementia can come in several forms and while symptoms may be similar to Alzheimer's, there can be great difference as the end stages of the disease progress.

Like other progressive degenerative diseases, Dementia slowly robs a person of their functionality and abilities to do the things we all expect in our lives. It can manifest as loss of memory, loss of functionality and even loss of personality. As the disease progresses the symptoms worsen and the person you knew disappears step by step.

There is help for all stages of Dementia, though with the later more progressive stages, that help is very limited. If you are on Medicare or medicaid, the help is minimal and almost non-existent.

if you think you or a family member might be dealing with Dementia, please make an appointment. There are ways to hold off the progression and we can help you plan.