Every day, we are bombarded by two types of drug ads on television and other media. The first type of ad is for a myriad of products to help you with everything from sexual dysfunction to depression. These ads throw their savior like qualities at you and the thanks to federal regulations, spend a large part of the ad telling you what might happen to you if you take the pill. Scary Stuff!

The other type of ad is from 100 different law firms, trying to get you to contact them for a variety of lawsuits from Blood Thinners to Talcom Powder. It seems like one ad promotes the product and just a little while later some attorney is telling you how many people have been injured or killed by the same product!

What should you do about these ads?

First, if you happen to be taking one of the lawsuit medications or been through a procedure mentioned and you have concerns,
feel free to contact our office with your concerns. We can make an appointment for you to sit down and discuss your concerns completely. There's no need for you to sit and worry until the issue can be discussed. Especially if you are not experiencing immediate symptoms. Everyone reacts to drugs and surgeries differently.